The Norwegian King Crab, is a specie which lives in shallow cold waters and is found at no more than 500 metros in depth.
Depending on the age, size, genre and season of the year,
The waters where they live stand at temperatures between: 1.6 ºc y +18ºc.

Of all mollusc species, the Norwegian King Crab is one of the most exceptional and impressive of species. Its meat from the paw and claws is of an exquisite taste, somewhat sweet and can be savoured in even the most simplest of dishes.
Its meat is extremely versatile and can be steamed, grilled or baked, combining perfection with a great variety of spices and sauces.

The Norwegian King Crab stands out in international markets due to its size and the superior quality of its meat.
The Norwegian King Crab has a weight of  4.3 kg whilst other Royal Crabs only weigh  3 kg.



It is fished partly in the North of Norway, with small coastal boats, and only a certain amount of fishing is permitted throughout. Always following the strictest of measures to obtain a sustainable development of the species.
The perfect time for fishing is during the months of October and November.

They are then left to be frozen either raw or cooked. However, a minority of fishermen are allowed to commercialize with this product throughout the whole year, thus allowing Istopesca to be the only sole Spanish company to acquire these live products and commercialize with them.

The home-produced form for this type of fishing and the differences in fishing time and capture, as well as its preparation, also allows for lesser stress and damage made to the species.


It is commercialized as:
• Whole Crab, without viscera (guts) nor shell.
• Cluster with three paws and claws.
• Individual paws or claws.
Raw with a reddish uniformed colour on its top layer and a creamish colour on the bottom.



The Norwegian King Crab has been selected as prime material for Bocouse d’or 2007, and is already the fourth occasion whereby the Selective Commission Board has chosen this haute product,  reserving its top placing in haute cuisine world-wide.